I don’t know about you but I love writing. Writing creative stories, that is. You can create a whole new world just by putting pen to paper! How cool is that! You are the master of what you write, of what you create. I have always liked the analgy of the potter and the potters wheel. The idea that they are in control and can create what ever they wish, their hands are the master and they listen no one but themselves. It is the same sort of idea with writing, you are the master, the creator if you like and it’s up to you to build your world. Nothing is wrong because your in charge.

Creating characters, I think, is the best bit. They are exactly who you want them to be. They can become your friends. I know it mind sound weird now but have you ever heard great authors say when the finish a book that they don’t want to let go, they have become attached to the characters and what to find out the next chapter in their lives. The great thing is, you are the one who rites that next chapter. By using your imaginatioin, you can do what ever you want. Your imagination is your potters wheel, your tool, if you like and it is up to you how you wield it.

Here are some cool quotes about writing


 Dogs (becaouse I love dogs)